In vitro human B lymphocyte immunizing process to produce human monoclonal antibody

Application Number  00129579 Application Date  2000.10.08
Publication Number  1348011 Publication Date  2002.05.08
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Applicant(s) Name  Yu Yongli  
Inventor(s) Name  Yu Yongli  
Patent Agency Code  11129 Patent Agent  zhang tao
AbstractThe present invention provides one method of producing B lymphocyte with specific antibody and humanized monoclonal antibody through in vitro immunizing human peripheral blood monocyte with antibody loaded human dendritic cell and then EB viral transformation. Using the said method can obtain human B lymphocyte cloning for producing humanized monoclonal antibody to said antigen and culturing the human B lymphocyte can produce humanized monoclonal antibody to various antigen and with clinical treatment and diagnosis value. The said method is suitable for producing monoclonal antibody in both lab and industry.