Mechanical method for mounting jewel on claw chain

Application Number: 00125044
Application Date: 2000.09.06
Publication Number: 1341394
Publication Date: 2002.03.27
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International: A44C17/04
Applicant(s) Name: Pan Guoji
Inventor(s) Name: Pan Guoji
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Abstract The mechanization method for mouting jewel on the jaw chain includes the following proceduces: 1. position arrangement; arranging jewels on the jewel-arranging plate according to a certain direction and placing them into the pits arranged into matrix respectively on the jewel-arranging plate. 2. jewel suction, sucking the jewels into the pit matrix of upper die of jewel-mounting die from matrix of jewel-arraning plate, making the jewel-arranging plate nestle up to the upper die of jewel-mounting die, starting vacuum equipment to make the jewels be adsorbed into the pits of upper die of jewel-mounting die and removing jewel-arranging plate, 3. placing jaw chains, placing the jaw chains into the pit matrix of lower die of jawel-mounting die row-by-row before jewels are mounted, 4). closing dies and 5). opening dies. After the jewel is held by jaw chain pins, the vacuum equipment can be switched off, the die can be opened.