Non-rigid thermoplastic moulded compsns.

Application Number: 00102700
Application Date: 2000.02.25
Publication Number: 1264720
Publication Date: 2000.08.30
Priority Information: 1999/2/25 DE 19907987.0
International: C08L67/00;C08L75/04
Applicant(s) Name: Bayer Aktiengesellschaft
Inventor(s) Name: J. Wingkler;H-G. Huopee;W. Brauer
Patent Agency Code: 72001
Patent Agent: ma chongde
Abstract This invention relates to thermoplastically processable, readily demouldable moulding compositions with low shrinkage and with a hardness of 65 to 85 Shore A, consisting of a mixture of A) a thermoplastic polyurethane of hardness 60 to 75 Shore A and B) a thermoplastic polyurethane of hardness 76 to 90 Shore A, which is produced continuously by a special multi-stage process.