Point-type hollow glass facade connecting and sealing method

Application Number: 00108488
Application Date: 2000.06.10
Publication Number: 1277297
Publication Date: 2000.12.20
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International: E04B1/66;E04B2/88
Applicant(s) Name: Jingang Glass Facade Co., Ltd., Shantou Special Economic Zone
Inventor(s) Name: Zhuang Dajian;Zhang Minggang
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Abstract The sealing method is divided into penetrating sealing method and semipenetrating sealing method based on the hole structure in the hollow glass. The penetrating sealing method includes the first sealing with butyl glue on and below the aluminum lining frame, the second sealing with weather resisting glue injected in the inner holes of aluminum lining frame, and the point connection sealing by fastening the movable metal clips. The semipenetrating sealing method seals the holes by means of the spherical articulation in the movable metal joints. The sealing method of the present invention is simple and uses common material, and sealing performance will not be affected during transport and installation.