Preparation of organic phosphorus composition and organic phosphorus compound and polyester composition and preparation method thereof

Application Number  00129563 Application Date  2000.10.08
Publication Number  1291621 Publication Date  2001.04.18
Priority Information   2000/2/23 JP 045469/00; 1999/10/8 JP 288022/99; 1999/12/15 JP 356031/99; 1999/12/15 JP 356062/99  
Applicant(s) Name  Toyo Boseki K.K.  
Inventor(s) Name  Takeuchi Hideo;Sato Manki;Gyobu Shoichi  
Patent Agency Code  11216 Patent Agent  liu jiyang
AbstractA polyester having a good color tone can be obtained by using, as an ester-forming component, a compound derived from an organophosphorous composition comprising an organophosphorous compound represented by the general formula (1) wherein R<1> and R<2> represent an organic group or a halogen atom, and m and n represent an integer of 0 to 4, provided that R<1> and R<2> may be the same or different when m or n is an integer of 2 to 4, and a divalent metallic compound in an amount more than 30 ppm and not more than 2300 ppm in terms of a divalent metal based on the organophosphorous compound.