Process for preparing catalystic cracking catalyst

Application Number: 00103386
Application Date: 2000.03.03
Publication Number: 1311288
Publication Date: 2001.09.05
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International: C10G11/05
Applicant(s) Name: China Petrochemical Group Corp.
Inventor(s) Name: Song Jiaqing;Shu Xingtian;He Mingyuan
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Abstract This invention relates to prepn. of catalystic cracking catalyst. The process includes making catalyst slurry by mixing evenly molecular sieve slurry, aluminium collosol, quasi aluminium stone, clay and imorganic acid, then it is spray dried. The characteristic is to add molecular sieve slurry and/or aluminium collosol before clay and inorganic acid, acid inorganic acid after aluminium collosol. And before spray drying, alkali metal silicate is added into catalyst slurry. Compared with prior art the invention method has advantages: increasing prodn. efficiency, reducing energy consumption and cost.