Process of evaporating cyclohexane oxidizing waste alkali liquor

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Application Date: 2000.07.29
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Publication Date: 2002.02.20
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Inventor(s) Name: Song Xingxing;Huang Jing;Fu Songbao
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Abstract The present invention relates to method of evaporating cyclohexane oxidative waste alkali liquor, it is characterized in that waste alkali liquor evaporation catalyst composed of polyether type nonionic surfactant is added into cyclohexane oxidative waste alkali liquor when it enters into the waste alkali liquor evaporator. The invented method can effectively overcome the problem of scale forming on evaporator, and can improve the operation effect of waste alkali liquor evaporation system, raise the evaporation ability of evaporator, elongate the continuous operation time by at least two times, reduce the discharge of waste alkali liquor after concentration, so that reduce the pollution to environment.