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Device by using micro-prisms waveguide to proceed surface directional illumination

Application Number: 00118491Application Date: 2000.05.06Publication Number: 1278068Publication Date: 2000.12.27Priority Information: 1999/5/7 CH 0860/99International: G02B5/04;G04B19/30Applicant(s) Name: Asulab S. A.Address: Inventor(s) Name: J. M.Tyjido;G.-C. Bolly;J. GruppPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: huang lihangAbstract Solid optical guide (10) with microprisms (20) of refractive index n, for uniformly illuminating a surface (4) in grazing incidence at an angle theta1 in… Read More »

Wavelength-division multiplex arrangement equied with array wave-guide grating for alignment of waveguide, and alignment arrangement therefor

Application Number: 00119305Application Date: 2000.06.21Publication Number: 1278131Publication Date: 2000.12.27Priority Information: 1999/6/21 KR 23273/99International: H04B10/02;H04J14/02Applicant(s) Name: Samsung Electroics Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Sung Hyong-Seung;Lee Ryang-Gyu;Kim Hyon-SuhPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: wu zengyongAbstract An arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) provided with alignment waveguides, and an apparatus for aligning the arrayed waveguide grating wavelength division multiplexer.… Read More »

Waveguide twistedline

Application Number: 00120058Application Date: 2000.07.05Publication Number: 1280401Publication Date: 2001.01.17Priority Information: 1999/7/7 DE 19931404.7International: H01P1/02Applicant(s) Name: Alcatel Co.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Stiffen Roll;Danil VoykwackPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: zhang zhaodongAbstract In a waveguide twist having a torsion element with at least three individual parts situated adjacent to each other and rotatable around an axis of the torsion… Read More »

Waveguide for emitting radio-frequency energy passed through radio-frequency shield

Application Number: 00121458Application Date: 2000.07.24Publication Number: 1282153Publication Date: 2001.01.31Priority Information: 2000/1/27 ZA 2000/0360; 1999/7/22 ZA 99/4722International: G06K9/62;H04B5/02Applicant(s) Name: Hupe Sensor Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: John David Klug;Cristofo Goden Jeves Terner;Anderis PeterlePatent Agency Code: 11219Patent Agent: fang tingAbstract A spacer for items includes a waveguide 28.1 for radio frequency signals and a crate 16.1 or pallet.… Read More »

Orthogonal integrated light switch array of optical waveguide

Application Number: 00121842Application Date: 2000.07.26Publication Number: 1280304Publication Date: 2001.01.17Priority Information: International: G02B6/35Applicant(s) Name: Semiconductor Photoelectronic Technology and System Inst., Zhejiang Univ.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Wang Minghua;Jiang Xiaoqing;Yin RuiPatent Agency Code: 33203Patent Agent: cui yongcaiAbstract The orthogonal integrated optical switch array has two groups of optical waveguides at the angle of plus and minus 10 deg. At… Read More »

Widening of array waveguide raster pass-band response

Application Number: 00126188Application Date: 2000.08.31Publication Number: 1287280Publication Date: 2001.03.14Priority Information: 1999/9/2 EP 99810786.6International: G02B6/34;H04J14/00Applicant(s) Name: International Business Machine Corp.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Jian. Ruka. Poner;Fercott;Horst;Bert. Jan. O'FlaenPatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: yu jingAbstract The essential feature is the step of generating a controllable 'dynamic' intensity field profile with a controllable beating pattern in a multimode superposition… Read More »

Non-strain surface optical waveguide

Application Number: 00126336Application Date: 2000.09.05Publication Number: 1287277Publication Date: 2001.03.14Priority Information: 1999/9/7 US 09/390,191International: G02B6/10;G02B6/12;G02B6/132Applicant(s) Name: Lucent Technologies Inc.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Averlem. SuhePatent Agency Code: 11038Patent Agent: jiang shixunAbstract The present invention is directed to a planar optical waveguide comprising a waveguide core layer interposed between upper and lower cladding layers, characterized in that a so-called… Read More »

Silicon sol-gel optical waveguide making process

Application Number: 00105683Application Date: 2000.04.17Publication Number: 1318761Publication Date: 2001.10.24Priority Information: International: C23C18/02;G02B6/00Applicant(s) Name: Industrial Technology Research Inst.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Su Zhongjie;Gao Jiangang;Liu YunanPatent Agency Code: 72003Patent Agent: li qiangAbstract Silicon sol-gel optical waveguide making process includes three steps of compounding solution, making photoresist module, and depositing and sintering to form. During compounding solution, water and… Read More »

Dielectric waveguide non-reversible electric circuit device and radio equipment therewith

Application Number: 00104943Application Date: 2000.03.30Publication Number: 1270426Publication Date: 2000.10.18Priority Information: 1999/3/30 JP 088959/99International: H01P1/36;H01P1/383;H01P3/16Applicant(s) Name: Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Ishiura Yutaka;Tokuji Hiroshi;Matsutani KeiPatent Agency Code: 31100Patent Agent: li lingAbstract A dielectric nonreciprocal circuit device, which has satisfactory nonreciprocal characteristics obtained by improving the structure of a part supporting magnetic members, is incorporated in… Read More »

Optical waveguide apparatus and producing method thereof

Application Number: 00101010Application Date: 2000.01.10Publication Number: 1260503Publication Date: 2000.07.19Priority Information: 1999/1/12 KR 534/99International: G02B6/42Applicant(s) Name: Sausung Electronic Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Yu Byung-Kwon;Lee Hyung-Chai;Lee Tae-HyongPatent Agency Code: 72001Patent Agent: chen jiAbstract Disclosed is an optical waveguide device having a structure capable of allowing the optical waveguide device to be easily connected with an optical fiber… Read More »

Array waveguide grating assembly and apparatus for monitoring light signals using same

Application Number: 00100262Application Date: 2000.01.12Publication Number: 1260500Publication Date: 2000.07.19Priority Information: 1999/1/14 KR 99-845International: G02B6/34;H04B10/08Applicant(s) Name: Samsung Electronic Co., Ltd.Address: Inventor(s) Name: Kong Ryong-Hoon;Kim Jong-MiPatent Agency Code: 11021Patent Agent: zhu jinguiAbstract An arrayed waveguide grating (AWG) module monitors the quality of a wavelength division multiplexed multi-channel optical signal without using a special measurer in a wavelength… Read More »