Tungsten-copper composite powder

Application Number  00128341 Application Date  1996.11.15
Publication Number  1329956 Publication Date  2002.01.09
Priority Information   1995/11/17 US 559903  
Applicant(s) Name  Osram Sylvania Inc.  
Inventor(s) Name  L.P. Dovemann;M.J. Saihauer;D.L. Hauk  
Patent Agency Code  72001 Patent Agent  wang jihao
AbstractA high performance W-Cu composite powder is provided which is composed of individual particles having a tungsten phase and a copper phase wherein the tungsten phase substantially encapsulates the copper phase. The tungsten-coated copper composite powder may be pressed and sintered into W-Cu pseudoalloy articles having a homogeneous distribution of W and Cu phases without experiencing copper bleedout or it may be used in ceramic metallization for the electronics industry.