US – Canadian UPC Codes 11

Product Name UPC Code
Alberto-Culver Canada Inc Purple tube Alberto Europeen Creative styling putty 055451450300
Astro tub Biobest Yogourt 068200348414
Astro tub Biobest Yogourt 068200346663
Cascades Tissue Group Inc 24 rolls 2 ply bathroom tissue 771913247355
Coca-Cola 12 pack of coke cans Coke Classic 067000104831
General Mills Cereal Lucky Charms 065633068551
Golden Dragon blt Hoi Sin Sauce 064757250811
Golden Dragon btl Oyster Sauce 064757230240
Hawkins 8 x 28 gr bags Lunch Snak-Pak Cheezies 056757800288
Kellogg’s Cadbury Chocolat Rice Krispies 064100174863
Kellogg’s Cinnamon flavour Scooby-Doo Cereal 064100182196
Kellogg’s Mini Wheats Brown Sugar Frosted Mini Wheats Brown Sugar Frosted Cereal 06411716
Kellogg’s/Disney Mickey & Friends Real Fruit Snacks (Assorted Flavours) Real Fruit Snacks 064100202559
President’s Choice Frozen President’s Choice Frozen Thai Red Curry Chicken 060383715854
Sam’s Warehouse Club Harry’s Widget Widget 894599000997
Schneiders 6 Meat Pies Beef Pies 062000802091
Stouffer’s Nestle Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Chicken with Peanut Sauce Stouffer’s Lean Cuisine Chicken with Peanut Sauce 055000551175
Tre Selle tub Ricotta Cheese 059441001343
Turtle Wax Inc white & green tin Turtle Wax Chrome Polish & Rust Remover 074660212752
Wrigley Canada Cherry Chill Wrigley’s Excel Sugarless Gum 064900422508
Wrigley Canada Lemon Ice Wrigley’s Excel Sugarless Gum 064900142574
Wrigley Canada Polar Ice Wrigley’s Excel Sugarless Gum 064900422447
Wrigley Canada Spearmint Wrigley’s Excel Sugarless Gum 064900422010
Wrigley Canada Variety Wrigley’s Excel Sugarfree Gum 064900422430
Wrigley Canada chlorophyll Wrigley’s Excel Sugarless Gum 064900422201
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