US – Canadian UPC Codes 119

Product Name UPC Code
Adidas active antiperspirant stick/women/unscented 73g 0-31655-47796-1
Alberto VO5 ultra shampoo w. vitamins 300ml 0-55451-28300-7
Armstrong Cheese marble 900g 0 61120 05048 1
Aunt Jemima Buttermilk pancake mix 1.6kg 0-55577-10430-9
Bio Best Yogurt vanilla 175g 0 68200 34850 6
Butler Gum toothbrush soft 0-70942-12154-5
CASIO INC. Face is 7/8 x 1″ Analog and Digital watch with black rectangular faceplate and gold colored text, hour and minute marks. Bottom area has digital 0079767531102
Christie Ritz crackers-cheddar 250g 0-66721-01198-5
Clinique strong control gel 150ml 0-20714-10690-4
Colgate white-mint zing toothpaste 75ml 0-582210-0
Earthbound Farm Organic Jumbo Thompson raisins 10oz/284g 0-32601-05010-8
Green Giant Niblets corn 341ml/12oz 0-69052-10050-2
Green Giant sweetlets peas 398ml/14oz 0-69052-01136-5
Jell-o instant pudding-pistachio 106g 0-66188-01900-5
Kellogg’s Raisin Bran 1.45kg 0-648541-0
Magic baking powder 450g 0-674911-8
Neilson butter 1lb. 0-66800-00380-1
Perrier water 750ml with lemon 0-74780-00007-9
Poise pads extra 72’s 0-36000-19595-8
Stouffer’s Large Classic meatloaf homestyle dinner 480g 0-13800-34190-7
Stouffer’s chicken fettuccine alfredo(large portion) 452g 0-13800-24193-1
Sun-Rype calcium enr. orange juice 1L 0-57961-00159-1
Swanson frozen turkey dinner 338g 0-63211-06284-7
Toblerone milk chocolate with almond nougat 50g 0-70221-03379-8
Unico crushed tomatoes 28 oz./796ml 0-67800-00230-6