US – Canadian UPC Codes 22

Product Name UPC Code
Betty Crocker General Mills Sour Cream & Onion Corn Snacks Bugles 065633109117
Bounty 52 2-ply sheets per roll (heavy duty) Paper Towels 058808367504
Christie 400g Honey Maid Graham Crumbs 066721010827
Colgate 10 mL bottle Simply White Night 035000743206
Duracel 4 + 2 free AAA batteries 041333006345
Johnson & Johnson Oil-Free SPF 15 Neutrogena Moisture 062600420053
Lay’s 8 pack – lunch size Regular Chips 060410038420
Nestle 50g Sundae Smarties 05987839
Olay div of Protor & Gamble age defying fights 7 signs of aging Olay Total Effects cleansing clothes 075609003264
Paladin 11mL Cerumol Ear Wax Remover Drops 628791000186
Parmalat Dairy & Bakery Strawberry, peach and raspberry Astro BioBest Yogourt 068200348575
Procter & Gamble 12 disposable cloths Swiffer Wet Jet Cloths 037000351542
Procter & Gamble 2.95 L Ultra Tide Detergent 056100013501
Procter & Gamble April Fresh Scent Ultra Downy Fabric Softner 056100260387
Procter & Gamble Gentle Breeze scent Bounce Sheets 037000800699
Proctor & Gamble Normal to Dry Olay Daily Facials 075609002021
Quaker Mixed Fruit Instant Oatmeal 055577102367
Reckitt Benckiser 75 ml Air Wick by Wizard Decosphere 062338767550
Rolaids Mixed Fruit Flavor X-tra Strength 060093200947
Tostitos 495g Rounds Tortilla Chips 060410041482
Unilever Dove 150ml Dove Facial Essential Nutrients Cream Cleanser 011111995727
Unilever Dove 200ml Dove Facial Essential Nutrients Clarifying toner 011111990562
Unilever Dove 50ml Dove Facial Essential Nutrients Night Cream 011111992016
Unilever Dove Vanity case & refills Dove Facial Essential Nutrients Cleansing Pillows 011111994010
Whitehall-Robins Inc. Chewable Fruit Flavour Advil- Junior Strength 062107004381