US – Canadian UPC Codes 27

Product Name UPC Code
Anchor 100% cotton color code# 45 Embroidery Floss 077216170292
Anchor 64% Viscose Rayon 36% Polyester Color code #701 Embroidery Floss 077216176652
Anchor 64% Viscose Rayon 36% Polyester Color code #702 Embroidery Floss 077216176669
Anchor cotton color #149 Embroidery Floss 077216174771
Bakers Secret 5 yr limited warranty Pizza Pan 070950645903
Betty Crocker Three Cheese Instant Mashed Potatoes 065633099197
Bic +bonus 0.5mm pen/marker Wite Out 070330507432
Christie Peanut Butter Ritz Bits 066721010957
Clairol #30 – Spiced Bronze Hydrience Hair Cololr 066400815811
Colonial Fruit Centers Cookies 064454902105
DMC color code BLANC Embroidery Floss 077540053964
Glade buy one get one free packaged Scented Oil Plug Ins 062300609796
Kellogg’s 8 Individually Wrapped Squares Rice Krispies Squares Original 064100389007
Kotex extra coverage Light Days Pantiliners 036000010664
McCain Chocolate Cream Pie 055773302080
Memorex 5 pack CDRWs 034707034068
Nestle Canada Vanilla Nestle Drumstick Vanilla Ice Cream Cones 055000462228
Off! 175ml Botanicals bug repellent 062300128068
Rayovac 16 AA batteries 012800466276
S.C. Johnson & Son Large Ziploc Freezer Bags 067140004503
Sanford Corp twin tip Sharpie permanent marker 071641321113
Scott 45-2ply sheets per roll White Swan Paper Towels 061328114008
Shirriff Chocolate with cookies Pud-n-Fun 058336014031
Ziploc S.C. Johnson and Son 355 ml small cups with straw holder and drink spout Ziploc TableTops Cups 067140115025
Ziploc S.C. Johnson and Son 530 ml bowls with lids Ziploc TableTops Bowls 067140115094
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