US – Canadian UPC Codes 29

Product Name UPC Code
Act 2 Light buttery popcorn 076150420142
Act 2 buttery popcorn 076150420128
Always thin ultra overnight pads 037000306627
Anusol 30g anusol plus 060093318444
Arm & Hammer 36 pc Dental Gum 065333009335
Aylmer can peas 060000547806
Boulangeries Weston Quebec Ltee 675g super toast enriched white bread 063400010024
Boulangeries Weston Quebec Ltee Moelleux Thick-Sliced Tick-Sliced Moelleux Enriched White Bread 063400020238
Corelle Livingware Winter Frost White Plate 071160307834
EKCO Baker’s Secret 9″ x 1 7/16″ Bake ‘n Take non-stock covered 9″ pie pan 070950642315
Freeman Iced Teaberry & Mint Bare Foot Softening Foot Lotion 072151187305
Globe-Weis Wave design, purple color, with preprinted labels coupon file 078973842545
Hostess Frito-Lay tortilla chips Doritos Extreme – Bold BBQ Flavour 060410040935
Kellogg’s (6 pack) Frosted Blueberry Pop Tarts 064100144408
La Cross sharp point tweezers Tini Tweeze 067554600377
Mentholatum 4 inches by 5 1/2 inches Deep Heating Maxx Patch 057521091017
Pfizer Ultra Strength Bengay 060245271436
Quaker potato crisps Spudz – BBQ Flavour 055577185001
Quaker potato crisps Spudz – Cheddar Cheese Flavour 055577185063
Quaker xx Harvest Crunch, original 055577105863
Regal assorted flavors Marshmallow Easter Bunnies 067535709228
Rexall Daytime relief, non-drowsy Daytime Cold & Flu Capsules 771058035947
Wizards of the Coast Neo Destiny package (Tyrannitar on the front of package) Pokemon Cards 076930175279
Wrigley Canada Lemon Ice excel sugarfree gum 06493535
Wrigley’s 12 pieces Alpine Cough Relief Gum – Original Flavour 06494631