US – Canadian UPC Codes 3

Product Name UPC Code
ATKINS NUTRITIONALS INC 3 cups Indulge Peanut Butter Cups 637480323017
Alberto Culver Ultra non-aerosol hairspray Alberto VO5 055451143509
Betty Crocker 3 Cheese Manicotti Hamburger Helper 065633072488
Campbell’s Savoury Soy & Ginger Chinse Broth 063211159547
Campbell’s sweet teriyaki with garlic Japanese Broth 063211159530
Colgate-Palmolive Sport Mennen Speed Stick 05825000
Compagnie S.A. Danone Inc. Fat Free 0.5% m.f. with aspartame 60 calories per portion Silhouette Mousse Yogurt 056800124811
Garnier ultra strong spiking gel Fructis Style Gel 770103190372
Hershey Canada Inc Reese with more chocolate – Limites Edition Reese 056600792388
Idahoan Foods Creamy Potato Side Dish Scalloped Potatoes 029700807498
Johnvince Foods Processing Large size gummy “dummies” coated with sour sugar, includes bulk sales tongs. Imported by JVF Canada LTD. Sour Simon-Super Sour Soothers 059542118506
Kraft Original Cheez Whiz 068100010220
Kraft Tangerine-Grapefruit Crystal Light 066188060038
Kraft strawberry jelly powder Jelly powder 066188013300
LaKOTA roll on for arthritis Joint Care Roll-On 697989333351
Lipton 48 tea bags (48 sachets) Salada Green tea (ThT vert) 057430002708
Minute Maid Frozen Juice Concentrate Five Alive Passionate Peach 05966133
Old Dutch Foods Salt’n Vinegar Potato Chips 066343113296
Proctor & Gamble 1 Handle & 5 Disposable Dusters Swiffer Dusters 037000405092
Proctor & Gamble 16 Dry Sweeping Cloths 037000318217
Purina Indoor cat formula dry cat food Purina One 055800101617
Purina Salmon Flavour cat treat Luv 055800706324
Schick Sensitive with vitamin e Schick ST Slim Twin 012547007701
Unilever Conditioner Suave Naturals 065656915412
Wrigley’s Polar Ice sugarfree gum Extra 06497638