US – Canadian UPC Codes 33

Product Name UPC Code
Betty Crocker French Vanilla Super Moist Cake Mix 065633043008
Blistex ((Excellent stuff for cracked lips!!)) Lip Ointment 041388210308
Catelli Sea Creatures Adventure Pasta 064200112604
Christie Chips Ahoy! Cremewiches (Chocolate Cream) Cookies 066721019011
Christie Oreos – NHL Series Cookies 066721013880
CopperTone 110 ml Oil Free 068800500014
CopperTone 175 ml Kids Glitter 068800503633
CopperTone 220 ml Sport 068800502476
Dare Buttercream Cookies 055653118305
Dare Cinnamon Snaps Simple Pleasures Cookies 055653139409
Dole 4 x 107g Fruit Salad Cups 065250030603
Dole 4 x 107ml Diced Peaches Cups 065250029706
Dole Strawberry Gel + Diced Peaches Fruit N Gel Bowls 065250030320
FDS Extra Strength Femine Deodorant Spray 055451673112
Finn Crisp The whole grain crisp bread from Finland Crisp bread 605870000152
Grace in chicken broth ready to eat Chicken Vienna Sausages 05527241
Kodak Canada Inc 400 ISO/APS speed Advantix Colour print film 041771373399
Kraft Medium Cheddar Cheese 068100025392
Lipton 136g Side Kicks 068400018902
Maxell with advanced angle brush – cleans and demagnetizes Cd Lens Cleaner 025215190049
Minute Maid 10 x 200ml Fruit Punch Boxes 059600010070
Primo Baby Shells Pasta 055900001299
Seven-Up Canada Co plastic bottles 7-Up 06549638
Shirriff Golden Added Touch Cake Mix 058336446405
kraft strawberry Jell-o 066188013201