US – Canadian UPC Codes 4

Product Name UPC Code
CANUS 150ml Goat’s Milk Moisturizing Lotion 779242101157
Cadbury Beverages Carbonated Drink Cream Soda 05654503
Carefree 120 pantiliners, unscented, regular size 380041296007
Charmin 8 rolls single roll 037000248507
Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc Triple Action Deep Cleans, Removes Odours, Freshens Original Arctic Power detergent 058000301832
Idahoan Foods Cheesy Potato Side Dish Au Gratin Potatoes 029700807290
India House curry sauce Curry Sauce 056468000106
Irving Tissue Corporation single box Royale 2-ply facial tissues 063435710005
Johnson & Johnson Maxi Overnight with wings reinformed Four Wall Protection Cottony Dry Cover sanitary pads 062600300508
Johnson & Johnson Regular with wings, Maxi Heavy reinformed four wall protection Cottony Dry Cover sanitary pads 380040820005
Johnson & Johnson Ultra Dry Maxi Regular with wings sanitary pads 062600300799
Kraft Southern Fried Shake’n Bake Shake’n Bake 066188041907
Lever Ponds Small slide box Q-tips Cotton Swabs 065656222060
Life Essentials Hand Lotion with shea butter, sweet almond oil, aloe and chamomile extracts. For all skin types. Hand Lotion 057800183501
Loblaws Inc. 500 ml President’s Choice Natural Spring Water 060383653293
Magnum 1000 watt high pressure sodium bulb HPS 1000 071237888782
Neilson 1 litre fresh buttermilk 06800000381
Neilson 4 Litre Bag 2o/o MILK 066800000152
Pepsi 1.5 Litre Aquafina Bottled Water 069000061053
Pepsi 591 ml Aquafina Bottled Water 069000061015
Proctor & Gamble Concentrated Dishwashing Liquid Ultra Dawn Oxi 056100014843
Proctor & Gamble Inc. Mountain Spring Ultra Tide Detergent 037000415442
Proctor & Gamble Inc. No perfumes or dyes Ultra Tide Free Detergent 056100013532
Proctor & Gamble Inc. Stain releasing action Ultra Tide Detergent 056100013563
Warner-Lambert/Pfizer Canada 580 ml Lubriderm Lotion – Unscented 060093407728