US – Canadian UPC Codes 4601

Product Name UPC Code
DVD After The War 0066805302022
DVD Brothers In Arms 0066805302190
DVD Bruce Lee: Classic Kung Fu Fighting Movies 0066805302305
DVD Castles Of War/ Castles Of Fear 0066805302251
DVD Classic Creature Movies 0066805302336
DVD Classic Sonny Chiba Movies 0066805302350
DVD Darling Buds Of May #1: When The Green Woods Laugh 0066805301919
DVD Darling Buds Of May #2: A Breath Of French Air 0066805301926
DVD Darling Buds Of May #3: Stranger At The Gates 0066805301933
DVD Darling Buds Of May #4: The Happiest Days Of Your Life 0066805301940
DVD Darling Buds Of May #5: Climb The Greasy Pole 0066805301957
DVD Darling Buds Of May Box Set #1-5 0066805301902
DVD Famous Rat Pack Movies 0066805301773
DVD Great Bad Girl Movies 0066805302312
DVD Great Mafia Movies #2: Mob Story/ Hit Lady/ Incident On A Dark Street 0066805302282
DVD Great Scary Movies 0066805302329
DVD Great Sci-Fi Thrillers: Disappearance Of Flight 412/ Slipstream/ Abraxas 0066805302299
DVD Great Spy Movies 0066805301766
DVD Larceny 0066805301964
DVD Roger Corman’s Creature Movies 0066805302268
DVD Sonny Chiba: Great Street Fighter Movies 0066805302343
DVD Tale Of Two Cities (BFS) 0066805302114
DVD Troubles 0066805302121
Part 1 DVD A Tale Of Two Cities 0066805302237
Part 2 DVD A Tale Of Two Cities 0066805302244