US – Canadian UPC Codes 4797

Product Name UPC Code
100 g Rub A535 0061700711009
100g RUB A535 (No Odour muscle relaxant) 0061700721008
100g Rub A535 Dual Action pain relieving rub 0061700755904
101.4 FL INDIAN WELLS WATER 6PK 0061707000052
150 mL Nair Hair Removal Mousse 0061700211431
18.4cm-15.2cm Frosted Tulip Glass Fixture 0061709345021
200ml Arid Extra Dry XX 0061700000813
30 Trojan lubricated latex condoms 0061700937300
400g Nair Cire divine No Strip Wax 0061700297633
9.5″/0.70 lbs Workhorse Asbestos & Lead Respirator 0061684131237
CVP Aspirin Tablets 100 Count 0061706160009
DVD Antill: Corroboree (Audio Only DVD) 0061704102995
DVD Jimmy Rushing All Stars: Baby, Ain’t I Good To You (Audio Only) 0061704100595
DVD Jimmy Rushing And Earl Hines: Blues And Things (Audio Only DVD) 0061704101295
DVD Lou Donaldson: Lou Takes Off (Audio Only) 0061704102698
DVD New Music Consort: Pulse (Audio Only) 0061704100298
DVD Red Rodney: 1957 (Audio Only) 0061704100397
DVD Sam Phillips: Cruel Inventions (Audio Only) 0061704101394
DVD Sam Phillips: The Indescribable Wow (Audio Only) 0061704100991
Multisafe Nitrile medical examination gloves X-large 0061684125168
Tracfone: 100 Minutes Pre Paid Phone Card 0061696000002
Trojan Condom 3pk Spermicidal Lubricated 0061700931506
Trojan Condom 3pk Thin Spermicidal 0061700926205
Trojan Condoms 3pk Lubricated 0061700930509
Trojan Condoms Lubricated 15pk 0061700937157