US – Canadian UPC Codes 4844

Product Name UPC Code
Audio Cassette .38 special 0060651174109
Audio Cassette Christmas Spirit, Ralph Carmichael 0060651172709
Audio Cassette Dvorak Piano Quintet in “A” Major 0060651173607
Audio Cassette Feliz Navidad Con Menudo 0060651173003
Audio Cassette Gould: Latin American Symphonette 0060651173904
Audio Cassette Law and Order 0060651174406
Audio Cassette Love, Devils and the Blues 0060651174604
Audio Cassette No Time To Lose, Andrae Crouch 0060651172808
Audio Cassette Raymond Pierce Sings of Ireland 0060651173102
Audio Cassette Rumble Doll, Patti Scialfa 0060651174208
Audio Cassette SYMPHONY NO. 9 IN E MINOR 0060651173508
Audio Cassette Shining Shadows 0060651174505
Audio Cassette Sound of Christmas 0060651172600
Audio Cassette The Lady or the Tiger 0060651174307
Audio Cassette The Plow that broke the plains 0060651173805
CD George Gatt 0060651174901
CD George Gatt 0060651175007
CD Janine 0060651175809
CD O for a Thousand Tongues to Sing 0060651175908
CD Pops ‘n Jazz ’95, Hall High School Presents 0060651175502
CD Roadhouse Of No Return 0060651175106
CD She Goes Down 0060651172624
CD The East Village 0060651175205
CD Uncharted Soup Volume 3 0060651175304