US – Canadian UPC Codes 5030

Product Name UPC Code
DVD Bela Lugosi: Triple Feature 0056775089399
DVD Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari (Movie-Only Edition/ Madacy) 0056775085292
DVD Caged Combat: Battleground 2000 0056775082291
DVD Caged Combat: King Of The Mountain 0056775082390
DVD Caged Combat: Warrior’s Challenge 0056775082192
DVD Caged Combat: Warrior’s Challenge/ Battleground 2000/ King Of The Mountain 0056775082093
DVD Chaplin Collection (1 Disc) 0056775083090
DVD Dementia 13 (Madacy/ Movie-Only Edition) 0056775085391
DVD Edward G. Robinson: Triple Feature 0056775088798
DVD Elizabeth Taylor: Triple Feature 0056775089191
DVD Fred Astaire: Triple Feature 0056775088699
DVD Great Battles Of The Civil War 0056775088590
DVD In The Footsteps Of Christ 0056775082499
DVD James Cagney: Triple Feature 0056775089290
DVD Jesus Film: Commemorative Edition 0056775087692
DVD John Wayne Collection 2-Pack (Madacy) 0056775084899
DVD John Wayne: Triple Feature 0056775088996
DVD Lassie Collection 0056775083397
DVD Mickey Rooney: Triple Feature 0056775088897
DVD Nosferatu (1922/ Movie-Only Version/ Madacy) 0056775085490
DVD Red Skelton Show 0056775084592
DVD Roy Rogers Collection (Madacy) 0056775083991
DVD Sherlock Holmes Collection (Madacy) 0056775083694
DVD TV Nostalgia: The Golden Years Of Television 0056775084295
DVD Three Stooges: 75th Anniversary Collector’s Edition 0056775088491
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