US – Canadian UPC Codes 5036

Product Name UPC Code
DVD Anatomy Of A Psycho / Hatchet For The Honeymoon (Madacy) 0056775058791
DVD Ancient Secrets Of The Bible #1-5 (Box Set) 0056775056698
DVD Ancient Secrets Of The Bible #1: Battle Of David And Goliath / Samson 0056775056797
DVD Ancient Secrets Of The Bible #2: Noah’s Ark / Ark Of The Covenant 0056775056896
DVD Ancient Secrets Of The Bible #3: Ten Commandments / Red Sea Miracle 0056775056995
DVD Ancient Secrets Of The Bible #4: Sodom And Gomorrah / Walls Of Jericho 0056775057091
DVD Ancient Secrets Of The Bible #5: Tower Of Babel / Shroud Of Turin 0056775057190
DVD Beast From Haunted Cave (Movie-Only Edition/ Madacy)/ The Brain That Wouldn’t Die 0056775058494
DVD Blood Creature / Werewolf In A Girl’s Dormitory 0056775058197
DVD Bloodlust / Atom Age Vampire 0056775058692
DVD Bucket Of Blood / The Giant Gila Monster (Madacy) 0056775058296
DVD Caged Combat #1: Baton Rouge, Louisiana 0056775056094
DVD Caged Combat #2: Kiev, Ukraine 0056775056193
DVD Caged Combat #3: Akwesasne, New York 0056775056292
DVD Caged Combat #4: Biloxi, Missouri 0056775056391
DVD Caged Combat #5: Montreal, Canada 0056775056490
DVD Caged Combat: IFC World Tour Box Set #1-5 0056775055998
DVD Jackie Chan 2-Pack: Fantasy Mission Force/ Master With Cracked Fingers 0056775057596
DVD Jackie Chan Double Feature: Fantasy Mission Force/ Master Cracked Fingers 0056775057893
DVD Killer Shrews/ I Bury The Living 0056775058098
DVD Screaming Skull/ The Werewolf Vs. Vampire Woman (Madacy) 0056775058999
DVD Tormented/ Lady Frankenstein 0056775058593
DVD Track Of The Vampire/ Nightmare Castle 0056775058890
DVD Ultimate Aircraft #3: Battle Chopper 0056775055899
DVD Wasp Woman/ Attack Of The Giant Leeches (Madacy) 0056775058395