US – Canadian UPC Codes 6

Product Name UPC Code
Betty Crocker Butter & Herb 100% Real Mashed Potatoes 065633078918
Betty Crocker Tropical tie dye Crazy Faces peel outs Fruit roll ups 065633417113
Christie 100 gram Cheddar Rice crackers 066721018410
Dempster’s pkg of 6 Whole Wheat Bagels 068721300076
Dempster’s whole wheat 100% Body Wise Bread 068721007470
EVL Ltd Enviromental leather baby shoes Baby shoes Bear 3-9 months 629154550195
Electrasol Dishwasher detergent fresh scent tabs 051700316328
Highliner Shrimp stir fry Stir-Fry creations 061763096341
Kellogg’s 500 g All Bran Buds 06407014
Kellogg’s Berry Burst Vector Energy Bar 064100086494
Kellogg’s chocolate chip Vector Energy Bar 064100122215
Kelloggs 6 bars in pack Froot loop bars 064100195493
Kelloggs 6 in pack Pop tarts ,strawberry 064100144002
Kelloggs Spiderman Pop tarts 064100203013
Leclerc 300 gr Celebration 064042001128
Primo Original (not pre cooked) Lasagna 055900001527
Quaker Blueberry Chew Yogourt bars 055577107577
Quaker Chocolate & Peanut Chewy Trail Mix bars 055577112045
Quaker Cranberry & Almond Chewy Trail Mix bars 055577112047
Quaker Strawberry Chewy Yogourt bars 055577107430
Schick Sensitive skin Intuition Refill 012547851861
Stayfree 32 pads economy pack Ultra Thin overnight with wings, Cottony Dry 062600399786
Stouffer’s Grilled Chicken Ceasar with radiatorepasta, broccoli and diced red peppers Bistro Classics 013800300119
old dutch 200g potato chips 066343102108
old dutch 200g reg chips 066343102078