US – Canadian UPC Codes 62

Product Name UPC Code
135g Crispy Baguettes, Garden Herb Flavor 0056951413505
211g ACE Starting Fluid 0060733017355
28ml Club House Red Food Colouring 0066200007522
ARMSTRONG WORLD INDUSTRIES 20 Square Foot Box 3/4″ Solid Ash Hardwood Flooring 0042369392945
CRUCIAL TECHNOLOGY 1 ct Gizmo! Overdrive 1G (white) 0649528732460
CUSTOMFLIX LABS, INC. 3.7 oz 2006 Chicagoland Emergency Vehicle Show DVD- (C) 2007 Ed Edited It Productions 0883629178837
CUSTOMFLIX LABS, INC. 3.7oz “Welcome To Our Theatre” DVD- (C) 2007 Ed Edited It Productions 0883629178943
DILLON PRECISION PRODUCTS, INC. 45ACP Full Moon Clips 0609824181836
ENKAY PRODUCTS CORPORATION 8 oz Enkay Lead-free Solder Wire 0011499169208
GERBER LEGENDARY BLADES Carolina Knife + Tool – Big Wood Multi-Tool 0013658413467
HANDS, INC. 500ml Marshall Field Bottled Water 0027032005018
HEWLETT PACKARD COMPANY 2.6″ x 1″ x 0.3″ / 2.0oz 50 pin SCSI Wide to 68 Pin SCSI Adapter 0088698660195
IN FOCUS SYSTEMS, INC. 1lb / 0.45kg In Focus Projector Lamp for LP650, DP6500X, SP5700, SP7200, SP7205, SP7210 Projectors 0797212498120
LG Super Multi DVD Drive 0311519410304
MAPLE DONUTS INC 6 donuts Fastnachts 0076265600026
Nintendo Wii Remote Controller (Japanese version) 4902370515664
ODWALLA, INC. 20oz H2Odwalla Replenishment to Defend (Blueberry Tea flavor) 0014054313252
ODWALLA, INC. 20oz H2Odwalla Replenishment to Energize (Ginger Plum flavor) 0014054311258
ODWALLA, INC. 20oz H2Odwalla Replenishment to Thrive (Strawberry Kiwi flavor) 0014054310251
ODWALLA, INC. 20oz H2Odwalla Replenishment with Calcium (Tropical Orange flavor) 0014054312255
PHYSICIANS FORMULA, INC. 1.0 Fl oz/30mL Physicians’ Formula CoverToxTen Wrinkle Therapy Foundation Creamy Beige 2731 0044386027312
REEBOK INTERNATIONAL, LTD. 9.5 reebok 0688359015601
WILLIAM H. HARVEY COMPANY Toilet Seat Bumpers Tack-On Type (White) 0078864641035
claiborne jacket 0773454510639
hammered beverage stand 0828198846008