US – Canadian UPC Codes 69

Product Name UPC Code
1 lb. Pretty Girl Party Pail 0712024000019
75cl Stratford California 1999 Chardonnay 0114432505252
AVG 40 Rizla Safety Matches 0000064007656
BODUM (SCHWEIZ) AG 16.oz bodum Travel mug $7.99 0727015700786
CAPITAL DISTRIBUTING COMPANY 1 magazine Dream Street Magazine Issue 3 (2001) 0072246496633
DUPLI-COLOR PRODUCTS CO. 5 oz (142g) Bright Aqua Metallic 0026916134400
DUPLI-COLOR PRODUCTS CO. 5 oz (142g) Cayman 0026916123282
Dragon w/ Treasure Trinket Box 0763642442002
HALSTEAD NEW ENGLAND CORPORATION 24 sq. ft. TrafficMaster Dimensions Flooring Allure Cherry 0088969120120
HAYES SPECIALTIES CORP. Neon Sign Live Niudes 0085754001190
HBO HOME VIDEO 2 DVDs Da Ali G Show Da Compleet First Seazon 0026359396823
HBO HOME VIDEO 2 DVDs Da Ali G Show Da Compleet Second Seazon 0026359396922
HBO HOME VIDEO 4 DVDs Da Ali G Show Da Compleet Seereez 0026359812927
PARAMOUNT HOME VIDEO 1 DVD The Backyardgaians The Legend of the Volcano Sisters 0097368512641
PRODUCER PRICE CORP. Stained Glass Flower w/ Fairy Candle Holder 0724945008470
RCA/COLUMBIA PICTURES HOME VIDEO 1 DVD Open Season Widescreen Special Edition 0043396156944
ROBINSON HOME PRODUCTS INC. Pyrex Can & Bottle Opener 0073287077324
RYOBI AMERICA CORPORATION 13.625 In. x 15.25 In. Ryobi Router 1.5 HP 0033287130610
SPRINT INTERNATIONAL, INC. 1 pcs digitel cdr 52x 700mb/80min cd-8000 0728166580005
THE DAILY AND SUNDAY JEFFERSONIAN 0..1lb The Daily Jeffersonain 0835450001235
THE DAILY AND SUNDAY JEFFERSONIAN 0.01lb The Daily Jeffersonian 0835450003215
THE PREMIUM CONNECTION Premium Hematite 16″ Necklace 0607656646257
WELFORTH INC Pewter Thinking Fairy Trinket Box 0689851706424
WESTERN FAMILY FOODS, INC. 15.25 oz Choice Yellow Cling Peaches, Slices, in Heavy Syrup 0015400012706
WILSON SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Wilson Tournament edition basketball 0026388635641