US – Canadian UPC Codes 7

Product Name UPC Code
Adams Freshmint Gum Trident 057700619193
Chicago Metallic Non STick Made In USA Dishwasher safe Square Cake Pan 070687632283
Coca-Cola mango passionfruit Minute Maid Low Calorie Fruit Beverage 059600047526
Danone Stawberry peach raspberry strawberry-banana strawberry-vanilla banana & blueberry Petit Danone Fresh cheese w fruit 056800305753
Hershey Canada Inc 26 bars Glosette Lovers 068000765329
Hershey Canada Inc 30 packages Jolly Rancher Fruit Chews 066259042369
Jamieson Adults 50+ Vita-Vim Multivitamins 064642049360
Kraft 12 pouches INSTANT Cream of Wheat 058025011556
Olivieri Foods Ltd Rose Pasta Sauce 058441001629
PRIMO Original Recipe Thick & Zesty Sauce 055900006621
Panasonic AA digital batteries 6 064547709802
Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Campbell Soup Company Paxo 063211450200
Proctor & Gamble Natural Aloe scent Pampers wipes 037000326328
Proctor & Gamble Size 4 Pampers baby dry diapers 037000420231
Proctor & Gamble Size 4 Pampers baby dry diapers 037000420033
S C Johnson Small (5 containers) Square Ziploc Snap ‘n Seal 067140094108
ULTIMA Foods inc 12 Pak Duo Minigo Duo fresh cheese with fruit 056920020666
Unilever Beautifully clean for Noraml to oily hair Dove shampoo 055086603690
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Extra Strength Liqui Gels Advil 062107005036
Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Inc Extra Strength Liqui-Gels Advil 062107005012
kiwi 32 grams dark brown shoe polish 064890201527
kiwi water & stain protectall 064890274002
konica single roll 200asa film 033167242426
panasonic 4 pack AAA digital batteries 064547656557
villeroy & Boch 175ml jet-dry 051700762064
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