US – Canadian UPC Codes 70

Product Name UPC Code
ALOHA HOUSEWARES COMPANY LTD. 30” Round 30” High Velocity Fan/On Stand 0759590103027
CANON INC/TOKYO VIDEO DIVISION 16 ml Canon PG-40 Black Cartridge 0013803051254
Chung Boon Enterprise Sdn Bhd File 3 Inches 9556655097328
Chung Boon Enterprise Sdn Bhd Stapler No 900 (Medium Size) 9556655220047
EFORCITY CORPORATION INSTEN iPod & iPod mini docking station 0877083002289
GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY GE “SteelBeam” Fluorescent Lantern 0043168155397
GENISOY PRODUCTS COMPANY 1 Bar (45g) Genisoy Ultra Soy Protein Bar – Chocolate Caramel 0635992077305
Grove International UK Ltd 1.5 lbs leprechaun pottery 5026852032636
KLAVIER RECORD COMPANY CD Rhapsody in Ragtime – Ragtime, Novelty, Stride & Jazz Piano Solos Richard Dowling, pianist – Klavier CD K11164 0019688116422
KLAVIER RECORD COMPANY CD Sweet and Low-Down Richard Dowling Plays George Gershwin – Klavier CD K11117 0019688111724
KLAVIER RECORD COMPANY CD World’s Greatest Piano Rags Richard Dowling, Piano – Klavier CD K77035 0019688703523
KOCH ENTERTAINMENT DISTRIBUTION LLC. small light Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – “Dark Side Of The Orchestra” 0099923864127
LEVI STRAUSS/LS USA JEANSWEAR W36 L30 Levi’s Signature Jeans Low Loose Bootcut 0039307220637
MEIJER, INC. 8.5×11 frameless glass document holder 0041250083948
MICROSOFT CORPORATION Crackdown – Xbox 360 Game 0882224260596
Max Fasteners (M) Sdn Bhd Staples No.3-1M 9556781003101
PIANO PRODUCTIONS RECORDINGS CD Richard Dowling Plays Chopin – Piano Productions Recordings PPR0211 0690898021128
PIANO PRODUCTIONS RECORDINGS Richard Dowling Plays Chopin, Volume II – Piano Productions Recordings CD PPR0906 0690898090629
Pak Keong Food Industries Sdn Bhd File 3inches 9555017600954
RCA/COLUMBIA PICTURES HOME VIDEO Fun with Dick and Jane DVD 0043396102309
RHINO ENTERTAINMENT COMPANY CD Fleetwood Mac – The Very Best Of Fleetwood Mac 0081227363529
TOYS R US LTD 24Kgs BabyNurse Trilook II Travel System 0803516530166
Tesco Stores Ltd Flat Key-ring LED Torch with On/Off switch. 5051008679489
VHS Tape – 7oz VHS tape – 55 Years The History of the Bike Week – 1996 Freedom Productions, Limited 0742457299636
uni ball signo pen UMN-207 Black 4902778762639