Water washable kitchen ventilator

Application Number  00128404 Application Date  2000.11.20
Publication Number  1354345 Publication Date  2002.06.19
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Applicant(s) Name  Zhang Yinzhen  
Inventor(s) Name  Zhang Yinzhen  
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AbstractThe water-washing ventilator is an air-cleaning equipment capable of atomizing circulating water to clean and separate fume and smoke dust and automatically filtering foul oil and smoke dust. It is formed from brattice smoke-collecting cover, air-returning arm of cooking range, air-water machine box and cleaning pipe fan and water pump. The cleaning pipe is placed on the air-water machine box, and whose one end is equipped with fume inlet and another end is equipped with air-water separation hole, motor and axial-flow atomizing mechanism which is connected with said motor, fixedly mounted on the hollow rotating shaft and passed through the cleaning pipe. Said invented ventilator can be automatically cleaned, and can filter foul oil and smoke dust, so it has no need of stripping and cleaning. Besides, it also can be used for provding cleaned air and removing dust for equipment.